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David Bowie is where it all started for me. I won a photo contest of a David Bowie image, which
encouraged me to start thinking that maybe I could be a photographer as my career.
Over the years I was commissioned By Davis Bowie on various projects. The 3 images are from
the video of “Jump They Say” in January 1993 Los Angeles. It was always a treat to photograph
Bowie, had a total grasp of the imaginary and the character he was playing, whether it was the rock
star or in this case a businessman paranoid of his colleagues.

The Curated Collection
Limited Edition Prints for Sale

David Bowie performing with the British-American hard rock supergroup Tin Machine on stage circa August 1991 near LAX in Los Angeles, California

Since middle school, Lester Cohen has been experimenting with photography and combining it with his love for music to deliver a unique perspective. Collaborate with him at your next event!

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